Is Jumping Jiminy’s a childcare center?
Jumping Jiminy’s is not a childcare center. Parents and Guardians are fully responsible of watching their children.

Am I allowed to bring my own food to Jumping Jiminy’s?
As there are a lot of food allergies nowadays, we would like to keep Jumping Jiminy’s a controlled environment; therefore, we do not permit you to bring food or drink to the facility (with the exception of baby formula). We are a peanut free zone.

Do you offer free WIFI?
Yes, we offer free WIFI to all of our customers.

What ages are allowed in the playground?
Children From 10 month to 15 years old are all allowed in the playground.

Do you have equipment for children under 3?
Yes, we have a specially designed “toddlers area” that is specifically set up for children 0-3.

Do you offer any family discounts?
We do! Family with 5 or more children will get 50 cents off admission each child on every day.

Do you offer any other discounts?
Yes, we offer 50% discount admission at the last hour play time every Sunday.

We love visiting Jumping Jiminy’s! Do you have a Frequent pass?
Yes, We offer 10 visit pass and 20 visit pass. Cardholders can play at any time and any day with the passes, there are no expiry dates on passes.

Do you sell gift cards or gift certificates?
Yes. We have single visit pass which is good for one time visit admission; we also have gift certificate, which is available at any value upon your request ,it is good for admission and our Café .

Do you allow any outside food and drinks to be brought to the birthday party?
Due to liability issues, we cannot allow outside food and drinks bring to the birthday party except the birthday cake.

Do you allow having birthdays in the Café area?
No, Jumping Jiminy’s only allows birthday parties in our party room and must be booked in advance. We do not allow birthday parties , cakes or gifts opening in our Café area.

Am I allowed to bring my own food and drinks to our Private Party at Jumping Jiminy’s?
Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food,drinks and all the supplies to your Private Party at Jumping Jiminy’s.

Does everyone have to wear socks to get into Jumping Jiminy’s?
Yes, everyone, both children and adults have to remove their shoes and wear socks before entering Jumping Jiminy’s.